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Prune CALONNE-DAVIES-Founding partner

Emails are prefered.

An answer within 48 hours is guaranted.

Tel: +33 5 61 62 69 89

Dedicated helpline for non French speakers: +33 6 74 16 11 12


I am Prune CALONNE-DAVIES, qualified French lawyer, founding partner and first point of contact for English speakers.

I gained valuable experience after 5 years studying and practising law in Great Britain.

I got  a law degree in both countries (Post graduate diploma in law) and worked as a paralegal for a majour British solicitors' firm (HUGH JAMES Solicitors) in Cardiff.

For 16 years, I have been helping English speaking clients in France and abroad with their issues and projects.

I handle personally all foreign clients.


My name is Afaf ADOUE-DUGAST, qualified French lawyer and founding partner.

I gained experience working for the employment tribunal in Toulouse as a clerk and most specically in a business law firm in Albi, LAGASSE GOUZY as associate lawyer.

At the firm, I am the first point of contact for entrepreneurs and companies’ directors.

Most specially I handle the company and employment law department.



"When I changed the status of my business I came into contact with CIPAV, the pension organisation, and received a series of frighteningly large, back-dated demands for several years of extremely high cotisations. My accountant found CIPAV to be as unresponsive as I did when we tried to explain that the amounts involved bore no relation to my actual earnings. She suggested I should talk to Calonne & Adoue-Dugast for legal advice.

From the start, Prune and Afaf were approachable, reassuring and extremely professional. Despite their best efforts to reach an amicable arrangement my case ultimately went to a tribunal where the amounts owed were reduced considerably. I can recommend Calonne & Adoue-Dugast without any reservations. They worked very hard on my behalf, the billing system was completely transparent, and Prune was always ready to help with her excellent English whenever it was necessary."

E Parkinson (31)


“Maitre Calonne and her team did an excellent job for me. Thanks to her hard work, in-depth research and thorough preparation, the court rendered a verdict in my favour. I would absolutely recommend her to anyone – French or English-speaking – who needs someone to fight for them.”

T.N (31)


"Prune Calonne and Afaf Adoue Dugast of SCP CALONNE & ADOUE DUGAST were invaluable in helping me through a divorce. They were proactive in giving accurate and professional advice on my situation.  
Most of our communication was done via email and I never had to wait long to get a response. Prune was also readily available by telephone.
Above all, it was vital to be able to communicate in English, and Prune answered all my questions, no matter how small. 
I felt reassured and confident that I was in good hands."

R. Greenhalgh (46)


"I would wholeheartedly recommend Prune Calonne as a bilingual lawyer.  She works extremely hard for you and she knows her stuff.  Her English is perfect, and she is tireless in getting the results you are looking for.  The property laws in France could not be more different than they are in England - so be warned!  Contact a lawyer - and I would recommend Prune Calonne. Prune has resolved the situation and represented us in the court case - which we won - and we now have our property back.  Thank you Prune!"

ACT (81)

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