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French law firm, Toulouse



At CALONNE & ADOUE DUGAST, you don’t need to wonder if the advice given are protecting your best interests.

It is our policy to put our clients first and in the long run we believe that our clients will be more inclined to come back for further assistance.



We as lawyers have a duty to advise our clients to the best of our abilities and therefore we have to disclose positive as well as negative aspects of the client’s legal situation.

Clients shall not be offended to hear the whole truth.

Clients also need to know that a lawyer is not a ghost-writer.

It might come as a surprise but it is fairly common to get clients telling lawyers what he or she needs to write and thinking that the lawyer is not protecting his or her interests by refusing to do as told. On the contrary. The lawyer knows better that anyone what needs to be done to get what the client wants!

The lawyer is the only one to determine how to proceed and judge the appropriateness of the wording used in any legal deed drafted by the firm.



As professionals, we have a duty to advise our clients to the best of our abilities.

At CAD, we advise you to protect your interests but we are also as proactive as the French system allow us to be, we use our local network of English and non-English speaking professionals we have built from scratch to assist you in all aspects of your case…

However, the firm shall not tolerate any of the following:

-         Lack of respect,

-         lack of trust,

-         lack of decision-making,

-         questioning in relation to the lawyer’s private life,

-         demands in terms of what needs be written in legal deeds,

-         discredit of any legal task undertaken

At CAD, we understand that being involved in a lawsuit, having legal problems means to be under a lot of stress which may be even more overwhelming if you are foreign.

Having lived, studied and worked abroad and for expats for the past 14 years we understand that settling down abroad, starting afresh, getting used to a new country or simply dealing with everyday life is not easy.

Just remember that we are here to help so let us!

In case any of the above occurs, a warning shall be notified to the client.

Any further problem would resolve in the firm stopping any ongoing legal service.

You would therefore need to seek new representation!



Member since 2016


CALONNE & ADOUE-DUGAST law firm continuously develops its network of legal and non-legal professionals that are competent, proactive, with sufficient experience abroad to understand the expats’ needs and who genuinely speak English.

Please do not hesitate to contact us for further information.

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