French law firm, Toulouse
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Member since 2017


Buying/selling properties in France

·         Preliminary sale agreement drafting,

·         Pre-purchase advice and legal documents review,

·         Review of French Estate Agents' contracts;

·         Legal assistance throughout property conveyancing in France;

·         Hidden defects issues;

·         Advice on how to avoid making common mistakes during the purchase process in France


International private law & cases with international aspects

·         New French administrative divorce (without judge) and other divorces.

·         Real estate and inheritance related litigation before French courts when the property is located in France

·         Family law related issues (Divorce, maintenance, child custody)


Labour law and social contributions issues

·         Assistance before French employment tribunals when dismissed, assistance with negotiations if “rupture conventionnelle” offered or wished,

·         Work related illnesses and accidents at work,

·         Disputes with URSAFF or other bodies

·         Disputes regarding social contribution calculations or outstanding debts against URSSAF,CPAM, CAF, “contrainte” before seizure, repossession.


Tenants-landlords relationship

·         Disputes with neighbours (noise, hedges, cameras onto property, use of easements, …)

·         Lease related litigation such as difficulty to get deposit back, rent arrears, property degradation, disputes with estate agencies…(for tenants or landlords)

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