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Prune Calonne and Afaf Adoue Dugast of SCP CALONNE & ADOUE DUGAST were invaluable in helping me through a divorce. They were proactive in giving accurate and professional advice on my situation.  
Most of our communication was done via email and I never had to wait long to get a response. Prune was also readily available by telephone.
Above all, it was vital to be able to communicate in English, and Prune answered all my questions, no matter how small. 
I felt reassured and confident that I was in good hands.

R. Greenhalgh (46)


I would wholeheartedly recommend Prune Calonne as a bilingual lawyer.  She works extremely hard for you and she knows her stuff.  Her English is perfect, and she is tireless in getting the results you are looking for.  We contacted her after someone squatted in our holiday home and refusing to leave.  I wish I had contacted her before we allowed this person to stay in our property.  The property laws in France could not be more different than they are in England - so be warned!  Contact a lawyer - and I would recommend Prune Calonne. Prune has resolved the situation and represented us in the court case - which we won - and we now have our property back.  Thank you Prune!

ACT (81)


Buying/selling properties in France

·         Preliminary sale agreement drafting,

·         Pre-purchase advice and legal documents review,

·         Review of French Estate Agents' contracts;

·         Legal assistance throughout property conveyancing in France;

·         Hidden defects issues;

·         Advice on how to avoid making common mistakes during the purchase process in France


International private law & cases with international aspects

·         New French administrative divorce (without judge) and other divorces.

·         Real estate and inheritance related litigation before French courts when the property is located in France

·         Family law related issues (Divorce, maintenance, child custody)


Labour law and social contributions issues

·         Assistance before French employment tribunals when dismissed, assistance with negotiations if “rupture conventionnelle” offered or wished,

·         Work related illnesses and accidents at work,

·         Disputes with URSAFF or other bodies

·         Disputes regarding social contribution calculations or outstanding debts against URSSAF,CPAM, CAF, “contrainte” before seizure, repossession.


Tenants-landlords relationship

·         Disputes with neighbours (noise, hedges, cameras onto property, use of easements, …)

·         Lease related litigation such as difficulty to get deposit back, rent arrears, property degradation, disputes with estate agencies…(for tenants or landlords)




You wish to train or study in France for a couple of months, or as a landlord you wish to rent to foreigners in your area, then think no more, Emmanuel MACRON has thought of you creating a new lease called the mobility lease or “bail mobilité”.

Here is a quick article to learn more about this new lease.

Since when is this new lease applicable?

Since the 24th of November 2018.

Who is it for?

Students, professional training, business trips, apprenticeship, internship…

Length of the lease:

Between 1 and 10 moths.

It cannot be renewed.

If the tenant wishes to stay, he/she will have to sign another type of lease called “bail habitation pour logement meublé”

What should you find in the lease?

The usual information that makes sense to find in any lease plus a clear description of the leased premises, private amenities which the tenants have sole access to, a listing of the building’s sections, and amenities which are communal.

Rent shall include all the recoverable costs and cannot be changed during the lease.

The reason for using a mobility lease has to be stated in the lease.

Are there any forbidden provisions in the lease?


A deposit cannot be requested.

Any solidarity provision between flatmates or their guarantors is illegal.


What should the premises be equipped with?

The premises rented under this lease is supposed to be fully furnished.

Therefore, the landlord should provide the following:

A bed/mattress-linen

Curtains/ shutters,


Oven or microwave,



Table and chairs,


Vacuum cleaner…

When do I have to send my notice if I wish to leave?

In theory tenants can leave at any time during the lease they wish even though the landlord cannot and have to respect the length of the lease.

However, tenants need to send a notice a month in advance and they have to pay rent until the end of the notice.

BEWARE: the lease is over when the notice IS RECEIVED BY THE LANDLORD, not on the date tenant sends the letter.

The notice MUST BE SENT by recorded delivery with receipt slip or by bailiff.

PLEASE NO EMAILS as it is not legally valid under French law.


This article is for general information only. If you are experiencing issues on this topic or if you are considering using this new lease, professional advice should be sought!

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