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French law firm, Toulouse

CALONNE & ADOUE DUGAST is a boutique law firm, a regional general practice set up at “Croix Daurade”, in Toulouse, with bilingual staff.

Prune CALONNE, English speaking lawyer in Toulouse is now a member of the Franco-British Chamber of Commerce and represents the firm in various local and national events.

Prune CALONNE and Afaf ADOUE-DUGAST, French avocat in Toulouse, have acquired significant experience working for firms and large companies over the years. (EDF and AIRBUS)

Their experience in contentious and non-contentious areas of law can be used to advise, assist and represent you, whether you have interests in France or if you are involved in a lawsuit.

Prune CALONNE is the English speaking lawyer of the firm and is here to answer your requests in English.

Drive, availability and practicality characterise our firm.



Member since 2016


Appointment only

Prune CALONNE (English speaker)

For non French speakers: +33 .

Tel: +33

Email: prune.c@cad-avocats.com

Skype is also available after an appointment has been scheduled.

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