French law firm, Toulouse
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The firm, due to its specific experience, has the ability to advise you on the following matters:

Advice on how to create companies/businesses and guidance throughout its life:

  • Advise on companies’ type available in France to meet your needs and execution of the necessary formalities,
  • General guidance on how run the company/business effectively in France,
  • Drafting of commercial leases or contracts

Sale of fonds de commerce (assets) and company’s shares:

  • Assets' transfer deed and/or shares,

Relationship between companies/businesses and its clients and/or suppliers:

  • Terms and conditions drafting,
  • Drafting of commercial contracts and leases,
  • Amicable or contentious debt recovery,
  • In case of commercial litigation, as a defendant or a claimant, we assist you.

Staff management :

  • Advise on how to hire employees in France,
  • Employment contract drafting,
  • Follow up on employment contracts,
  • Advise and assistance to terminate employment,
  • Advise, negotiation and protocol drafting to prevent or end any litigation before the employment tribunal in France,
  • Defence in case of litigation

Representation before most courts and tribunals in France

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